A lot has happened the past few weeks. I’m doing a 12 week better habits challenge, which for some reason has turned into me adding new habits at breakneck speed on an almost daily basis. First it was fitness and a macro balanced diet, drinking more water and eliminating alcohol, then it was a better sleep routine (minus smartphone), a kinder judgment free outlook, a more concerted effort toward a minimalist home, a feel good attitude, and it goes on.

Good habits really multiply and for some reason adding new ones creates a habit ladder that skyrockets your determination and perseverance.

Anyway. One part of my life that sorely needed improvement was my skin care routine. My skin isn’t in great shape but it didn’t click until the last few weeks that I could be doing much more for it than I am. The odd breakout (weekly breakout) is actually the least of my concerns. My skin is also really congested, lots of small gritty closed comedones, redness, prone to post inflammatory erythema and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, and finally also really dehydrated overall with targeted oily and acne prone zones in my t-zone and lower part of my face….and often my chest and upper back.

I was on a natural beauty kick the past few months. I was using almost all natural products. Of course there are a lot of good reasons to be wary of chemicals in cosmetics, but I also know that not every chemical ingredient is toxic. But it’s really easy to get overwhelmed like I do sometimes and just stick with totally non-toxic “whole food” sounding ingredients.

Like a lot of other things natural beauty is better in theory than in practice. My skin was a mess. I knew it wasn’t going well but for some reason I continued doing what I was doing hoping for a change (definition of insanity much?)

Then I had a great chat with an old friend a couple weeks ago that really opened my eyes. I think it was actually life changing. Besides some amazing book reco’s, I learned a lot about skin care. This girl has a skin care routine right out of r/skincareaddiction and her before and after pictures prove that she’s doing something very right. She went from cystic acne in her mid-20s to total glow at 30.

After seeing her transformation it suddenly clicked that real improvement is possible if you take your skin care seriously and do the research. So in a lot of ways I’m returning to my roots…the ideas that made me start this blog.  I’ve been researching skin care like crazy. I got my very first asian beauty haul. I ordered a whole bunch of new and exciting stuff from Deciem. I overhauled my skin care routine completely and have been super consistent about it. I even gave up dairy (so much sadness.) Now I’m starting to look into improving my make up game too.

Hubby and I have been dreaming of an international move for years. This is the year we’re putting plans into motion. Our tentative departure date is August 22nd and our tentative destination is Amsterdam. My habit challenge goes until June 19th, but really it’s a final concerted effort to push through and really achieve the life we’ve always wanted, in everything from job and life satisfaction to confidence.

We have so much to do before then. Between minimizing our lives into two suitcases, selling or giving away our stuff (in the most non-wasteful way possible) and figuring out what we’re going to do in Amsterdam, it can be really overwhelming at times. Without the habit ladder to give some structure to life I think I would be a total mess. We both wanted to get in shape for years. Achieving that goal this year has given me so much more confidence and faith in our ability to have anything we want. When I get overwhelmed instead of being stressed I think about why I’m overwhelmed and try to be proactive about it. When in doubt, add on a new good habit. Can’t wait to see where this takes me in 4 months from now.


I've been blogging about skincare since 2015 and I'm happy to say I've picked up some things along the way. I'm also on Twitter @boldandblush

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