I’ve been perfecting my blowout technique ever since I saw a very short (50 second) Instagram vid by Sarah Hanguis, who I’m sure you’ve heard of or seen before since she’s literally a hair superstar.

Those 50 seconds have pretty much revolutionized the way I blow out my hair. When I look back at how many times I cut off entire inches of hair because of split ends I wish I had known what a big difference technique makes to the condition of your hair. My hair just looks better in every way and I think good blowdry technique also just makes hair smoother even when I don’t blow dry.

This is the full video version of that 50 second video. The good stuff starts at 1.21.

Oh my god can I just say that I’ve always stalked Sarah on Instagram so I never really heard her voice until today and damn her accent is so cute. Girl has got it going on and she knows it.

So, I think I’ve solidly got the basics down and my hair has never looked better. I have way more body and movement and my hair is super smooth and sealed all the way down to the tips.

BUT…. there’s definitely something lacking in the volume department. Maybe I have a bit of volume for a couple hours after a blowout, but in no time its gone and my hair feels limp and like its stuck to my head.

So, since I got so much from that first video (like literally months of learning and improvement) today I’m going to try to step up my blowout game. Onward and upward.

There are few beauty treatments that make me feel as good as a fresh blowout. I love a fresh blowout so much that it’s the first thing I do to prepare for a trip and to recharge after one.

As far as what I use goes, my trusty old blowdrier (that I’d had since high school!) recently met its end with a Spanish wall socket that it didn’t find agreeable. I couldn’t even finish my blowout before the whole apartment filled with the really strong smell of burning plastic beyond anything I’ve smelled from any hair tool I’ve ever owned.  RIP trusty blue.

So anyway I needed a new dryer STAT because we had just gotten back from a blowout-less week in Europe and I needed a fresh blowout to help get things back on track.

I had been playing with the idea of writing a super comprehensive review of the very blow dryer according to science….but then (luckily, thankfully, so fortunately) “thesweethome.com” aka Wirecutter beat me to it. Their top recommended dryer wasn’t in stock anywhere online when I was ready to order so I bought the budget pick on Amazon for a little less than $30. All in all it’s not a lot as far as best hair tools go.

I was really hoping it would be great since it was Wirecutter recommended but honestly the plastic casting does feel really cheap like they say and more importantly I hate how the buttons for heat and air are actually sliders spaced immediately next to each other so that I’m constantly turning the heat down when I want to turn the air off. Hello. You need to grab different sections of hair. It’s not a whole head thing. So annoying. Wirecutter is usually pretty comprehensive with their reviews but in this case I think they were testing for most people’s everyday hair drying, not for blowouts.

Anyway, I definitely don’t want this to be my dryer for the next 10 years but I also want a minimal home and to avoid unnecessary consumption so…I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Back to products. Last year I got Davines All in One Milk in my Birchbox and I’ve been hooked since, even in spite of the $30 price tag. It smells ah-mazing. I think that’s most of the reason I like it, though it does also make my hair super soft without weighing it down.

A few weeks ago the pump on the bottle jammed and I haven’t been able to use it properly so I was on the lookout for an alternative. Picked up this Chi Silk Infusion “silk restructuring complex.”

Chi silk infusion
Chi Silk Infusion (along with a lot of other fun stuff)

I took a quick look at reviews on the little reception I could get in Meijer and it seemed pretty good so I thought, “why not?”   It is a little expensive (just under $30 again) but I figure if this is the only thing I’m using and I want a thermal protector and smoothing without it weighing down my hair, then it isn’t really that much.

I’ve used it since and I’m really happy with the results.

Now on to the blow dry optimizing game.

I’m going to try these rollers today but every time I use them it feels like they’re just weighing my hair down more since they’re also so heavy. I bought hot rollers and then returned them thinking it would be the same but now I’m not sure. Oh also I’m going to use these two Sarah Hanguis videos for reference. Maybe the rollers won’t be involved after all.

My signature blow dry by Sarah Hanguis

How to get Big Volumized hair!! by Sarah Hanguis






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