If you have skin issues you know it can be an uphill battle. These are just 6 of the harsh realities of fixing problem skin that most people don’t get.

Next time someone tries giving you advice, you can send them here.

Everyone is suddenly a skin care Expert

As if having problem skin wasn’t bad enough, if you even so much as mention that you’re trying to fix it everyone suddenly needs to comment, suggest, advise, speculate, ruminate and just plain guess as to what your problem might be and how to go about fixing it…pretty much overnight. Of course it’s usually terrible advice.

News flash everyone, no one is thinking about my skin more than me. Thanks.

It Takes Time

One of the worst parts of deciding to fix your problem skin is when the harsh truth sets in that it isn’t going to magically heal overnight, there is no wonder cream that will make it better, and even if you get past one hurdle, there are usually others to follow.

There are So Many Factors

Once you get serious about skin care and actually start doing the research and paying attention it might occur to you that there are a whole lot of things that can affect your skin. Sadly, you would be right…there are.

Between diet and stress and fatty alcohols and silicone hiding in ingredients lists under something like 20 different names, it can be totally overwhelming to just figure out what your skin doesn’t like.

You Might Not Want To Hear The Answer

Figuring out the reason behind your bad skin is half the battle, the other half is accepting it.

I struggled with bad skin as a teenager and unfortunately not much changed once I became an adult. I had heard that dairy could cause breakouts but I never tried cutting it because…lattes.

A few months ago I cut dairy and lo and behold…breakouts gone. It was a very hard truth to swallow that I still struggle with daily.

It’s Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Even at the best of times fixing your problem skin is usually two steps forward and one step back.

Once you have your breakouts and oiliness under control, maybe you realize your skin is suddenly dull. Or dry. Or still congested in a totally intangible way that you can’t even describe concretely enough to begin to fix it.  Or maybe you’re lucky like me and have one foot in acne treatments and another in anti-aging.


Hey, at least it’s better than one step forward, two steps back, right?

It’s All On You

Although everyone likes to comment and give you their two cents on how to fix your skin (“stop wearing makeup” or “try going vegan”) when it comes down to doing the hard work it’s all on you. You’re the one who has to pay attention, who has to do the 5 step nightly routine, and who has to apply the sunscreen every single morning to keep those dark spots away. It’s all on you.

A lot of people talk about their skin but few actually get into the nitty gritty of doing it. Once you do you realize it’s a really long and hard road.

Luckily, it isn’t all bad! If you’re prepared for the fight and the days you feel like you’re doing a lot with no results just remember that the time will pass anyway and eventually you’ll look in the mirror and realize, wow, I have made a change.SaveSave


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