On a recent trip to the cosmetics aisle I picked up Milani Brow Color in Light Taupe on impulse. I’m so happy I did because it really refined my brow game and at $7 the price can’t be beat.

Defined brows can really add character to a face with otherwise light features.

cara delevigne browsIf like me you have blonde or even light brown hair then you might be plagued by the dual curse of light coloured and thin brows. My brows have always been really thin. As a teenager no visit to Romania was complete without a trip to the salon for a brow tint.

Sadly tinted brows don’t last very long. For me a professional job would last about two weeks, while a DIY job would give me about a week.

When I’m between tints I usually fill in my brows. It’s surprisingly hard to find a brow tint that’s appropriate for blondes i.e. doesn’t have red undertones.

For the past few months I’ve been using a sample of Benefit Gimmie Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in #1 Light that I got in my Birchbox. It’s a really neutral brown color and I’m really happy with the results overall it just doesn’t quite fill in the empty patches I have. For that I need something a little more targeted that doesn’t necessarily need hair to have something to stick to.

I’ve tried a few other brow colors and even eye shadows but most have those red undertones I hate. This Milani Brow Color in Light Taupe doesn’t have any red undertones and goes perfectly with the Gimmie Brow gel.

Also if you’re on a budget and want to skip the Gimmie Brow, you can definitely do it and still get really good results.

Overall I’m really happy with what this does. I think my next purchase is going to be the Anastasia kit so I can see if there’s a difference between a really high end product and a drugstore one like Milani.

Where to Buy

I purchased at Meijer for $6.99 but I’m sure they have it at most drug stores and Target.



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