A few days ago I received a little box by airmail from Korea. Inside was this Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder. I ordered it as a lighter complement to my regular powder. I was using Physicians Formula Mineral Wear but my whole world is in flux since I overhauled so I guess this is also just part of trying new things.

First, the experience. This powder seems a little more expensive than it is. It comes in a pretty light teal container complete with a truly adorable miniature powder puff that feels so much more luxurious to use than one of those synthetic brushes that lower priced powders and blushes sometimes come with.

As for how it actually works. I applied to bare skin in the morning after washing and applying C-Firma. It felt a little drying at first, but granted I hadn’t applied moisturizer. I used it again after applying foundation (The Ordinary High Coverage Foundation in 1.2Y) and it seems to have set the foundation nicely and controlled a bit of oiliness without looking heavy. More or less what I wanted.

It has a nice light scent too that concerned me a bit because it’s more perfume than mint extract. I looked it up and synthetic fragrance isn’t on the ingredients list but there is mint and silicone, which might be irritating to some people.

Overall I can’t say yet whether I’d repurchase. I don’t think my skin is all that oily to begin with as I tend to be more dry and dehydrated. As a setting powder it seems to do the job without a lot of heaviness. Next time I think I’ll try the pact instead of the powder.

I’ll have to see how it works under real life conditions. Will update.

I purchased on Amazon (link) for less than $10 USD with free shipping and it came in about 10 days. You can also find it on Innisfree and Memebox.



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