After years of bad experiences I’ve finally found a natural shampoo that not only works, but works just as well as regular shampoo. It’s so good that I don’t have to think about the fact that I’m using a natural shampoo. An easy, ethical and sustainable choice just like that.

What I’ve Tried Before

Shampoo is the first product that opened my eyes to the chemicals in cosmetics and sodium lauryl sulfate is the first chemical I learned about. I’m no stranger to natural shampoo. Over the years I’ve tried a lot of terrible ones. They were so bad that for the most part I went back to conventional.

Over the past year as mindfulness has spread to all aspects of my life I’ve naturally started to think about my cosmetics again. I used Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Purifying Shampoo for about six months.

As far as ingredients go it’s pretty good. There’s a great colour coded analysis of the ingredients and review at Best of Iris.  I was happy with it from the first use. Mostly I love the smell. It has that minty herbal scent that makes your scalp tingle and feel fresh. Sadly that freshness didn’t last. I started to notice that it left build up in my hair, especially at the nape of the neck area.

Rather than purifying, every few weeks it left a clay like residue that I had to then double wash to remove. So every few weeks I went back to L’Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Balm, followed by Not Your Mother’s Purifying Shampoo, and then Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Conditioner. My hair just never felt clean enough, even just after washing.

Over time my hair started to feel heavy. Also, although the L’Oreal cleansing balm is free of SLS/sulfates, parabens, silicone, harsh salts, and isn’t tested on animals, L’Oreal as a company does test on animals and isn’t exactly known for sustainable or ethical manufacturing processes. I knew I needed to make a change.

Natural Shampoo That Works

About five months ago I discovered Acure Organics, a family owned and operated company committed to sustainable manufacturing and a triple bottom line. They support social causes, their slogan is “For Your Skin, For the Planet” and their mission statement includes an understanding that “it’s not enough to be natural, it also has to work.

This shampoo is SLS free, paraben free, cruelty free, vegan and for what it’s worth the packaging is recyclable. This is exactly the kind of company and product I love finding and true to their mission statement, their products work.


I’ve been using Acure Organics Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner with Moroccan Argan Oil & Argan Stem Cells for about five months now.  One of my mottos in life is that if something is doing it’s job, you don’t have to think about it. That’s exactly what this shampoo is. I never have to think about it. That includes ethical considerations.

It’s good for the planet, it’s good for my hair. It does its job. It leaves my hair clean without build-up. It smells nice, not overpowering but also not amazing…but that’s not a big deal overall. I’m so happy with this shampoo and I really think everyone should try it.


You might notice too that I switched from a purifying or cleansing shampoo to a hydrating one. As the cold weather began in the fall I started to get oilier roots much faster. Thinking about the way oil production works I guessed that maybe my scalp was overproducing oil in reaction to it being too dry. Turns out that’s exactly what was happening. Switching to a hydrating shampoo stopped my oily roots.

Incidentally, I’ve also tried the Acure Organics Volume Conditioner with Pure Mint & Echinacea Stem Cell because I wanted some minty freshness in my life. Now that I’ve returned to the hydrating conditioner I notice that my hair is a bit heavier. Once I finish my hydrating conditioner I think I’ll go back to the volume one.


The Acure Organics Hydrating Shampoo scores a very friendly (green) 1 on EWG, and the conditioner scores a 2. I’ve also reviewed their natural dry shampoo, which is one of the best and most budget friendly non-toxic dry shampoos on the market today.


This comes in at just under $10 in the US, probably around $10 in Canada. Of course as is usually the case it costs more than regular shampoo. This is a price I’m willing to pay because it reflects the true price of sustainable manufacturing. It isn’t a mark up for brand prestige, it’s a markup to ensure responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes, which means less pollution in the environment and in our bodies.

Plus, a bottle lasts about two months for me. The premium really only adds about $5 – $10 a month in cost compared to a conventional shampoo. Not a huge deal for a lot of people.


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